WSCC Outstanding Citizen Award

WSCC’s outstanding citizen award was established in the summer of 202 to recognize an individual or a team from WSCC’s educational centers that have made a significant and lasting impact in our community. This award is honored each year in November.

Any member of WSCC may be nominated for this award. All nominations are due June 1st.

WSCC Cares Outstanding Citizen Nomination Form

Heather sherwood, 2021 Recipient

Heather is tireless in her service to the college, our team and her profession. She has been instrumental in the creation of WSCC. Heather consistently goes above and beyond her job description by contributing to our efforts to improve and develop curriculum, strengthen student and industry engagement and working tirelessly with program directors to assist in achieving accreditation,” said WSCC President Mostafa Khattab.

Heather is an outstanding citizen and WSCC is proud to honor her as our first Outstanding Citizen recipient.  

Congratulations, Heather.